Home Climate Control Automation

Controlling Your Climate Through Home Automation

Creative climate solutions help keep your home comfortable and energy efficient. Set the mood and atmosphere with customizable smart-home solutions like automated temperature control, occupancy-sensing lighting, and smart window coverings.

Options are available to help you save no matter whether you have an advanced and up-to-date HVAC system or a single apartment window. Check out the home automation climate options to suit your needs.


Thermostats are a simple and easy way to control home temperatures. Whether the unit you use works best for room-by-room or the whole house - just set the temperature and wait for the heating or cooling to kick in. As thermostats have advanced, we've seen dials turn into digital devices, and now into smart Wi-Fi enabled systems. In addition to easy control from your smartphone or tablet, the newest devices employ learning technology for the highest levels of comfort and energy savings.

Combined motion sense technology in products like Nest take the guess work away from turning down your system while you're away with features like Auto-Away and self-programming setups.


Few things are more welcome on a snowy evening than curling up with some hot cocoa near a warm fire. The realities of owning a fireplace can be somewhat less than romantic.

Traditional fireplaces usually involve some extensive woodcutting sessions along with messy soot and ashes. This is all solved by using an energy efficient gas fireplace like the new Wi-Fi versions from Escea.

Displaying the beauty of a winter fire without all the work, these devices are smartphone controlled and highly energy efficient heaters. Through the hand mobile app, users can control the temperature, flame, and manage the timer. The fireplaces are designed to heat the average size home, and feature heat-capture duct technology designed to capture 90% of available heat and return it to the room

Room by Room Cooling

Air conditioning can be one of the most costly items on a summer heating bill, especially for those in warmer climates. Since not every house is able to use or install central heating and cooling setups, single window air conditioners can be a welcome lifeline.

Window units like the Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner are programmable and manageable via smartphone. The WiFi connected setup integrates with learning technology to learn your habits and keep your home at the optimum temperature. A unique feature with this item is how it syncs with your phone's GPS. The location feature is designed to lower your power use when you're gone, yet anticipate and start cooling as you get closer to home.

If you prefer fresh air to air conditioning, check out this smart fan by Big Ass Fans with their patented Sleep Mode technology. This smart ceiling fan work with your Jawbone fitness tracker to determine when you are asleep and when you are awake to adjust your fan speed accordingly. The idea is to stop you from getting too cold at night, and ruining your night's sleep.

Window Shades

A complete home environment includes window coverings. Used to create privacy and to lessen effects of the elements, window coverings like shades help create your indoor climate. Lower utility bills by automatically blocking out sun and avoiding the greenhouse effect during the day, or add an extra layer of insulation during a cold spell.

Options like the Crestron shades with Quiet Motor Technology provide one-touch automation with long lasting motor technologies. Additionally, automatic shades are a great security option for vacations.

Indoor Lighting Control

Lighting controls are one of the most frequently automated systems. Many major retailers can integrate these setups as part of a whole home automation. DIY kits are also common and come in easy plug-and-play setups like this kit from Smarthome.com.

No matter what the system, the most important point about automating your lights is the control system. Lights can be controlled remotely from a handheld device, so you never have to worry about leaving the lights on.

For great energy savings, look at photosensors and motion sensors. Photosensors will control your lighting based on the ambient lighting coming from the sun. Motion sensors help detect occupancy and whether or not a person is using the room, and will turn off lights if the area is empty. Additionally, motion sensors are great for security as well.